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How are we all doing on this Tuesday morning? 🙂

Because it is the beginning of a new month and all of the Holidays are coming up and a new year, I can’t help but think of some things that are on my wish list. I like to make a list, current longings, things I’m lusting for at the moment. What’s good about putting together a list is that if someone asks you what you want for a gift, birthday, Christmas, etc, you won’t be sitting there going “uhhh….welll…..” Maybe that doesn’t happen to you, but I always seem to go blank when asked. Even if it’s just a gift to yourself, making a list will give you time to save  up your money, or be a good reminder to look for it when you’re out shopping.

If you don’t always carry a notebook with you, there are other options for making a list that is easy for you to access. The note section on your cell phone is a good option because you can update it and make changes or erase things as you find them. One of my other favorite ways to make a lust list is to make a Pinterest board. Mine is called “Current Longings”

unnamed-3    unnamed-4

For the last few months I have had two things on my list that I just couldn’t get off my mind! I ended up finding them last month and I am so happy I did.  I even got both pieces at the same place and for great prices!


1. The first item was a pair of leopard slip on sneakers. I had seen so many versions of them, paired with so many cute outfits all over Pinterest or on blogs that I admire. I HAD to have them! I toyed with spending $80-$100 on more expensive brands but kept waiting, hoping I’d find them for less.

050f5eb5924ea1f731c9b6c09c4b3f54       Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

          Inspiration (Steve Madden, $80)                                  Bought (Mossimo, Target, $25)


2. The second item I was drooling over was a good sized emerald or forest green handbag. I am way less obsessed with handbags than I once was, and I tend to stick to neutrals (black, brown, white) but seeing the green pop with an outfit for the Fall/Winter had me intrigued.

michael-kors-gold-michael-hamilton-medium-traveler-product-1-22163058-0-034300224-normal_large_flex       Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

           Inspiration (Michael Kors, $398)                           Bought (Merona, Target, $40)


I made a list of five things on my current Lust List. Some of these things I will be able to find at pretty decent prices, while others are what they are. A lust list can be anything from clothing, accessories, household items, books, anything you just are truly desiring. And it’s okay if your list changes as you discover new things or happen to stray away from a current trend.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


1. Polaroid Pic-300 Instant Print Camera 

I first saw this on Instagram and immediately had a flashback to childhood. In all honesty, I think that is why I want it most, plus who doesn’t love an instant photo? Being able to capture fun moments instantly and hang them up, send them in a letter, etc is so appealing to me. The camera develops 2.1×3.4″ color photos. The camera comes in four available colors (red, purple, black, and blue), I want the black one if you couldn’t guess. It works with PIF-300 instant film.



2. Camel Coat 

This is pretty self explanatory. I think a camel coat is so classic and also completely neutral, meaning it can go with anything, dress it up, dress it down. I want one that is fitted, warm, stylish, and possibly with leather (or pleather) sleeves. I don’t have a dream one that I prefer, if I find a good one worth buying, I’ll look anywhere, including consignment stores.

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3. Bellami Hair Extensions 

This would definitely be a splurge for me. I don’t have the thickest hair and it has become so damaged with all the times I have colored it. I also live in area with terrible water filled with things that are not healthy for your hair. I have watched numerous YouTube videos and read reviews on how great these extensions are and I’d love to try them.

e4ba8cc24f3aecfa7cceb5e4d5e48d79    $_35


4. Love (A Misadventure) & Lullabies–Lang Leav

These are two books, the Author being Lang Leav. I first discovered her poetry via Tumblr and Pinterest. Being an avid reader and writer of poetry, I appreciate her work and think it is absolutely beautiful. I can become a hoarder of books, which is the main reason I have not yet purchased them, but they are up there on my list.



5. All Black Aviators 

Aviators are my FAVORITE type of sunglasses. I rarely wear any different style, partially because not many styles fit my face very well. I have mirrored blue ones, gold and brown ones, and pink framed ones. I want a pair of all black ones for Winter, I think they would look so chic with so many looks and are less “summery” looking. I don’t usually purchase expensive sunglasses because I tend to lose/break them, but I am having trouble finding these.



What do you have on your Lust Lists for this season? Thanks for stopping by! xxo

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  1. I am always about Tar’get! Great steals for fashion! I also am on the hunt for a camel coat! I keep checking my fave places like Asos, Zara and Madewell… fingers crossed! 🙂

  2. Your lust list is so chic! I love it!! I too have been stalking Michael Kors! Oh my goodness, those handbags!!! The one you found is perfect. I love the colour. No Target where I live now so I really have to get out there and search for an alternative.

  3. EEEK we should be BFF’s haha I LOVE your list. I have s Gifts For Me board and a Shopping List board! I actually snagged some leopard sneakers at Macy’s this summer for $10!!! I have only worn them once. I need to take a look at my Pinterest boards for wardrobe inspirations. I know I have a ton!! The camera looks like fun. Don’t forget to check out Michaels Last time I saw them they were 40% off. LOVE your lust list items!

  4. Great list! The new insta Fuji and Polariod cameras are too much fun! I recently thrifted a few older 600 Polariod cameras and bought film for them, it’s been fun to use them again. I made my first list like this for the holidays last year and couldn’t decide whether I’d do one again, I think you may have inspired me ;).

  5. I’ve been seeing leopard print shoes all over Pinterest too and wanted a pair. I actually just purchased a pair of leopard flats from Just Fab a few days ago. I really like those sneakers and the purse (emerald green is my favorite color). I want a pair of glitter slip on sneakers…I’m just not sure if I’d actually wear them haha. I’ve been seeing that trend all over Pinterest as well.


  6. Ohh la la great picks! I have those leopard shoes, from Sam Edelman though. I want the Polaroid too! Great for fun holiday pics/collages! I like how you have the expensive original then the affordable option. Good read!

  7. Awesome post! So cool how you found a lot of similar things you wanted for way less! love steals like that 😀

    I love your list! The coat is amazing and now I WANT ONE! hahahaha

    As for my lust list? I want the ultimate e-book creator, since the writer in me wants to create easy to access and neat, nice readable content for my clients.

    I want more SHOES, BOOTS, you name it! I’ve grown awfully more obsessive over shoes lately! Hahahahha I have my eye on these 3 pairs of the same boots that are going to go down extremely in price right on black friday!!! 3 pairs of boots for $90 ..YES PLEASE! hahahaha

    hmmmm….thats about it for the moment!

    Great post! You’ve inspired me to create a lust list board on pinterest!

  8. OMG…I LOVE those shoes!!! I love leopard print accessories (including shoes!) and those will have me making a beeline to Target soon! And what a great bag! That color is fantastic and will work for all seasons :). And finally…I’m crushing on those all black aviators. Very cool! Great list and so much fun :).

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂 Love this list! I’ve been wanting some leopard print flats for a year… so seeing your slip on sneakers makes me want to make it happen this year! haha That Michael Kors bag… dark green is forever a favorite. I’ve been eyeing the fujifilm version of that camera, I’ll have to compare. XO -Alexandra

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