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It is a grey, cold, foggy morning this morning, making the orange leaves pop out more than anything else. I am really not looking forward to seeing those bare branches and preparing for snow, eek! What’s even stranger is that it was actually a beautiful and sort of warm day yesterday, go figure, but this is New England.

One of my favorite things to do with my free time (besides writing, of course) is to eat and drink! I love trying out new restaurants, new cocktails, and great food. One of the best ways to find new places you haven’t been is to chat it up with the locals while you’re out. Just the other night I got some great recommendations for restaurants and bars (with plenty of craft beer lines, perfect!). Even sometimes just hopping into the car and going to a town you haven’t been to explore can lead you to some gems.

But even when I am not finding new spots to check out, we all have our favorites. Some our just down the street, some are a bit of a drive…but we know that we love the atmosphere, the great food, the people, and the overall experience. I have a few “local loves” which is why I have started a new category where I mention some new, some old, and some serious loves that you need to check out if you’re ever in the area!

Yesterday, mid-day, Me and Mama decided to head to Providence, RI, if only just for a few hours to get out of the house. Providence is one of our favorite cities and it is closer to us than Boston, probably about 45 min. When we got there we stopped into a few antique and vintage shops but we head one destination in mind; The Duck and Bunny. This is one of my personal favorite restaurants, and probably my Mama’s most favorite. It is a quaint little restaurant, no actually they call it a “snuggery”, which is simply a cozy and comfortable place. And it sure is! Decorated in a white pallet with hints of soft gray and dim lighting, you feel right at home sitting on their comfy couches or at the cupcake bar. Yes, you read that right. If you have a love for anything sweet, these cupcakes are a must!

First though we decided to have a bit of food and a glass of wine, a bold apple-flavored buttery Chardonnay. As we usually do, we decided to split a bunch of smaller plates. This time around we ordered latkes (with sour cream and scallions), they were so crunchy and still warm from the oven. We also got herb cheese and tomato toasts, which if you love anything cheese, just trust me, it was delicious! And the absolute HAVE TO HAVE item on the menu…bacon wrapped dates. Seriously it’s like eating bacon wrapped candy, my goodness, I am just drooling thinking of them. The first time we ever ordered them, we split an order, and then ordered more! They are that good.


We then, of course, had to have cupcakes. I had a Red Velvet and Mama chose a Carrot Cake. And another round of Chard, duh 😉



Check out their website here >> http://www.theduckandbunny.com

We ended up staying longer than two couples who came and went, I’m telling you, you will get so comfortable and want to keep eating until you can’t move! But we weren’t quite ready to go all the way home yet.


On our way to the next place, I spotted some really fun street art on the side of a Salon building. Cool huh?


Mama reminded me of this restaurant that we had been to on Christmas Eve a few years back. Checking the location, we were under a mile away and decided to go back for a drink. The restaurant is CAV; a really cozy, bohemian, warm colored spot. I love everything about the lighting and the Buddha sculptures and Indian-themed decorations.

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We were some of the only people in there, partially because we stopped at weird time. We sat at the bar and had one beverage before heading home.

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Mama had another glass of Chardonnay. Check out their beautiful glass storage, it looked so gorgeous and pristine.

unnamed-17   unnamed-7

I decided to go out of the box and try something from the Martini List. Although I am not huge martini person, I decided to order a Prickly Pear, but on the rocks. I like the ice and the glassware better 😉


It was delish!

Check out their website here >> http://cavrestaurant.com

It was nice to get out of the house and go to one of our favorite spots and also to stop by a place we hadn’t been in awhile to remind us of how much we liked it. With full stomachs and happy moods we drove home to relax for the rest of the night.

I hope you liked reading my Local Loves, Providence. Have you ever been to the area? What are some of your favorite local spots near you? Look out for more Local Loves! xxo

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