Cookies & Pom-Pom Hats

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Tonight I don’t have a bunch of pictures, I don’t have a tutorial or a recipe, I simply just want to bring you words.

Last night I had the pleasure of being invited to a local Theatre to see a private showing of Elf: The Musical by my employer. Being my first week at the new job, I was beyond humbled that they were able to provide me tickets at such short notice. Being a lover of all the arts, seeing plays and musicals is something I try to do often. And who doesn’t love the movie Elf!?

It really seemed to get everyone into the Holiday spirit with the decorations, christmas-themed songs, and plenty of cookies at intermission! It truly was a great show, so if you have the opportunity to see it near you, I recommend it. But one thing that has stuck in my mind since yesterday evening, was the kids.

Some of the employees brought their children to see the show. Dressed in sparkly dresses, little fur coats, adorable pom-pom hats, and tiny blazers with clip on ties, the kids received a gift bag of cookies as they arrived, something to keep their minds occupied while they anxiously awaited the show. I was seated next to a little boy with the blondest hair and bright eyes. He watched the show with enthusiasm, bouncing on the edge of his seat and giggling along with the crowd. And my most favorite moment of all, when he picked up the lines of a song and tried to sing a long with the actors.

While this little boy wasn’t mine, nor did I know him, it was the warmest feeling being able to see parts of the show through his eyes. I couldn’t help but look over to see his reactions, his smiles, his little hands pointing to scenes he liked, and how he looked towards his Dad to enjoy those memories with him. I have always tried to remind myself how simple life is as a child, and at times I can be a kid myself, but it is so beautiful to be able to see how different things are from one age to another. And while I could say that it is one of our problems with growing older, I just find myself lucky that I was seated next to that sweet little boy.

The simplicity of a child and the simplicities of life always seem to fill my mind with the most magical reflections. I can only hope I will always view these small moments with such light.



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  1. Thank you for sharing this! It’s really got me in the mood to watch Elf! I have a few nieces and nephews and watching the way they see things can really be incredible. Their outlook isn’t tainted by baggage that can come with adulthood. It’s so great that you can still connect with childhood in that way! We could all learn a lot from the little ones.

  2. I love this post because often times, I find myself thinking the same.

    I have a 7 month old, and although he’s still too small to be delighted with those sorts of things, I enjoy watching him discover new things and how excited he gets learning his new discoveries.

    Yesterday he was able to successfully pick up a baby cracker and put it in his mouth, he was elated! It’s little thinks like these that we take advantage of everyday.

    <3 Kayla @

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