A Sunday Kind of Love

There is something about Sundays. I have always looked at it as a day of relaxation, to sleep in, not make your bed, and hang around in the comfiest of clothes. It is day to spend with family and give extra kisses to the people you love. To watch football and movies and have some serious cuddle time with your pets.

If there is a favorite day, it is Sunday. Even the beautifully classy Etta James sings it best.

Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ttjh_kK62lY

I wanted to share with you some of my poetry and decided to start a Sunday Series which I’ve called: Sunday Amore`.  I’ve made myself a “happy” coffee with a hint of dutch caramel vodka and am going to catch up on some TV wrapped up in a big ol’ blanket with my puppy next to me. Enjoy the rest of your lovely weekend. Cheers! xxo



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  1. Such a beautiful poem and so well written. I wish it was Sunday today. Haha. That sounds very relaxing indeed. The idea, in such a busy and high achiever lifestyle offers comfort to the mind and soul and makes you realise the importance of slowing down and internalising. Thanks for the post.


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